Wednesday, 20 August 2014

B.S.W. Course Edureach

This course is AN orientation seminar for freshman students registered in welfare work curricula. This course introduces students to the breadth of numerous fields associated with welfare work. It prepares students for cooperative learning environments through field orientation, study skills, and project-based assignments.

The focus of this course is to supply the coed with a broad summary of the welfare work profession and therefore the multifarious nature of the sphere of welfare work through its work with people, families, groups, communities, and organizations. The course content includes introduction to welfare work and financial aid services and its histories, welfare work values and ethics, commitment to social and economic justice for vulnerable and at-risk populations, numerous social problems that welfare work deals with, and therefore the vary of welfare work skilled roles and skills.

This course introduces basic ideas in statistics with stress on the applying of applied mathematics ways in welfare work analysis. Topics include: descriptive statistics, applied math and distributions, purpose and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, central tendency, variability, independence, contrasts, correlation and regression, non-parametrics, ideas of levels of measurements, and applied mathematics vs. sensible significance.

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