Friday, 24 July 2015

Pipe Stress Analysis

   We know that some pipes are subjected to high pressure & high temperature. Also pipes carry the load of the flowing fluid.
·         We need to check & confirm that the pipe is not going to fail with these loads.
·         This process of checking the stress developed in the piping due to various loading is called Pipe Stress Analysis/Flexibility analysis.
·         In the process of analysis we apply various postulated loading on the pipe & find out the stress resulted from these loading.
·         Then we check with governing codes if those stresses generated are acceptable or not.
·         We check support load & movement for various loading condition.
·         We also check out the terminal point loading generated from pipe to the equipment connected to the pipe. This loading is to be within acceptable limits of the equipment suggested by the vendors.
·         We also find out the pipe growth due to change in temperature & need to keep the movement of pipe within acceptable limits.
·         Pipe stress analysis is an Interactive & Iterative process. Each step is checked.
·         If check fails we have to go back, modify the layout & restart the analysis.

·         Geometric layout of pipe
·         Pipe supporting configuration
·         Pipe diameter & thickness
·         Pressure inside pipe
·         Cold & hot temperatures of pipe
·         Weight of pipe & Insulation
·         Weight of carrying fluid
·         Pipe material property
·         Thrust on pipe due to blowing wind, earthquake
·         Load of snow on pipe
·         Any transient loading like Stream Hammer load
·         Any other load on the piping

·         CEASER II-Commercial piping analysis software
·         There are many other commercial software available

·         Stress of the pipe at various loading conditions
·         Loads at various support & restrains
·         Movement of pipe at support locations
·         Pipe terminal point loading.


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Friday, 17 July 2015

Importance Of Distance Education

Education worldwide is transforming rapidly at local, national and international levels. There are many driving factors fueling increased demand for  distance education (DE) across the globe:
  • the growing importance of the flow and aggregation of knowledge;
  • political initiatives for inclusion and wider access to higher education;
  • expanding markets and increased international competition;
  • the mobilization of skilled labour
  • regional integration and globalization processes that provide scope for professional mobility and greater potential for cross-border movement of goods, services, capital and persons;
  • the consequent growing demand for relevant continuing education and training, or what is known as lifelong learning;
  • diversification of higher education providers; and
  • The continuous development of information and communication technologies heralding new approaches to education delivery.

Distance Education is an established and recognized mode of education which is in consonance with changing socio-economic needs and emerging demands of the knowledge era. The principal objectives of the Distance Education Courses  are :
To provide, subject to fulfillment of minimum eligibility criteria and other requirements as may be prescribed by the University from time to time, wider access to higher education to persons of all ages and sex residing in any part of the country - particularly to working persons - who, for different reasons, cannot undergo the higher courses of studies as regular full-time students of the University. To provide a system of student-centered self-paced learning which will neither be entirely separate from nor wholly independent of the formal, full-time campus system of education as traditionally followed in University departments of studies. To provide means of improvement / up gradation of professional skills and competence of individuals who enjoy to take education as a life-long activity. To ensure, as far as feasible, appropriate value addition to career prospect of the studies in the context of prevailing market opportunities.

 Through Distance learning they can:
  • Reach a wider student audience
  • Provide opportunity to students who are unable to attend on-campus classes
  • Involve outside speakers who would otherwise be unavailable
  • Link students from different social, cultural, economic, and experiential backgrounds
Bharathiar University(School Of Distance Education):
The University named after the great national poet Subramania Bharathi is enshrined with the motto Educate to Elevate. In the University, every effort is harnessed to realize his dream of making educational institutions as temple of learning. It is the aim of the University to participate in the task of inculcating necessary Knowledge, Skills and Creative Attitudes and values among the youth of the country to contribute more effectively towards establishing an equitable social and economic and secular ideal of our nation.
Edureach in association with Bharathiar University, Coimbatore is providing Distance Education. For Further Details Contact:


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Importance of Piping Engineering

     Piping study often referred as half science & half art’. Art part includes visualization and creativity, while Science part includes following certain established norms. And both these parts involve lot of dedication, risk taking ability and discipline. The Piping industry is expected to experience considerable change and varying growth rates in the present economy.

  Scope for Piping Engineering

·          Chemical Process Industry
·          Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry
·          Pharmaceutical Industry
·          Power Plant
·          Long Distance LNG/LPG/CNG Piping System
·          Irrigation Project
·          Project & Construction Companies

  Importance of Piping Engineer

   A Piping Engineer plays an important role from "Concept to Commissioning" in all sectors of process and related industries. With increasing emphasis on transportation of petroleum products, natural gas, corrosive & hazardous chemicals through undergoing and long distance pipelines, the requirement of skill Piping Engineering is increasing day by day.

  Global Challenges for Piping Engineer

·          Corrosion Prevention
·          Pipeline Maintenance
·          Leak detection for long distance pipelines
·          Pipe Coating
·         Concrete Coating
·          Blending
·          Welding
·          Deep Water Services
·          Pipeline Cleaning & Operating Efficiency

  Pre requisite skills for Piping Engineer

·          Comprise design
·          Manufacturing
·          Project planning
·          Pipeline integrity
·          Corrosion control system
·          Metallurgical consulting
·          Facility audits
·          Automation & control units
·         Security of long distance & Under Ground Pipeline of Petrochemical Products

 Opportunities in Piping Engineering

·          Consulting Engineers
·          Refineries
·          EPC Organization
·          Chemical Process Companies
·          Modelling Firms
·          Inspection & Third Party Reviews
·          Cross Country Contractors
·          Packaging Contractor
·          Maintenance Crew

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Courses Offered By Edureach in Association with Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu ,School of Distance Education
Gone are those days when you had to pack your bags, leave your home and relocate to pursue higher studies in a suitable institute. With the emergence of distance education, students pursuing a full-time course can simultaneously enroll into professional courses offered through the mode of distance learning.
Even homemakers or working professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge on the latest developments of the industry are attracted towards distance learning courses offered at degree as well as diploma level.
Often executives need to enhance their working knowledge in a particular domain, leading to the popularity of short-term diploma courses in a number of vocational subjects.
Diploma Courses (Duration -1 year)
Eligibility: A Pass in Higher Secondary Exam (Plus Two)

1.Diploma in Applied Tamil
2. Diploma in Multimedia and Animation
3. Diploma in Practical Engineering and Auto CAD
4. Diploma in Graphic Designing
5. Diploma in Interior Designing and Decoration
6. Diploma in Hardware and Networking
7. Diploma in Practical Accounting
8. Diploma in Virtual Interactive Experiment System
9. Diploma in Police Administration
10. Diploma in Computerized Accounting
11. Diploma in Communicative English
12. Diploma in Company Secretarial Practice
13. Diploma in Epigraphy
14. Diploma in Exercise Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation
15. Diploma in Fitness Management
16. Diploma in Hospital Records Management
17. Diploma in Labour Law
18. Diploma in Marketing Management
19. Diploma in Yoga Education
20. Diploma in Tally Software
21. Diploma in Taxation
22. Diploma in Hotel Management
23. Diploma in Catering Technology
24. Diploma in Tamil Pulavar
25. Diploma in Restaurant Service
26. Diploma in Food & Beverage Management
27. Diploma in Kitchen & Catering Operations
28. Diploma in Front Office Management
29. Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellence
30. Diploma in 3D Animation & VFX
31. Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training (ETT)
32. Diploma in Medical Transcription
33. Diploma in Computerized Accounting
34. Diploma in Catering Science and Hotel Management
35. Diploma in Catering and Technology
36. Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
37. Diploma in Warehousing and Inventory Management
38. Diploma in Ocean and Air Cargo Logistics Management
39. Diploma in Shipping and Ocean Freight Logistics Management
40. Diploma in Air-Cargo Logistics Management
41. Diploma in Airline and Airport Management
42. Diploma in Cargo Management
43. Diploma in Marine Mechanical Fitter and Seamanship
44. Diploma in Industrial Safety and Mechanical Engineering
45. Certificate Course in Library Science
46. Certificate Course in Shipping and Ocean Freight Logistics Management
47. Certificate Course in Marine Insurance and Shipping Logistics
48. Certificate Course in Air-Cargo Logistics Management
49. Certificate Course in Chartering and Ship Broking
50. Certificate Course in Warehousing and Inventory Management
51. Certificate Course in Shipping and Port Management
52. Certificate Course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
53. Certificate Course in Bharathiar Thoughts
54. Certificate Course in Hardware and Networking
55. Certificate Course in Finance an d Accounting
56. Certificate Course  in Practical Computerized Accounting
57. Certificate Course in Multimedia Animation


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What does a Piping Engineering Lead need to know?
To fulfill all the aspects of this functional definition and depending on the Company (where employed) the PEL will be functionally responsible and will be involved in all of the following activities:
·         Participate as a part of the proposal team in pre-bid meetings with the Client and proposal development
·         Defining the physical scope of the Piping effort for the project
·         Defining the Piping execution method and the required Piping deliverable
·         Preparing a labor hour estimate for the Piping effort
·         Preparing a material cost estimate for all Piping items
·         Preparing a detailed Piping discipline work execution schedule that is coordinated and compatible with the other engineering disciplines
·         Proper planning of all aspects of Piping activities
·         Proper organization of (electronic and hard copy) data files or data needs
·         Proper resource (people) requisitioning and utilization
·         Prompt recognition and notification of all scope changes or trends that may cause a cost impact to the project
·         Proper awareness of labor budget expenditure, production, and productivity
·         Prompt and accurate status reporting
·         Timely and proper project completion and close-out