Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Importance of Piping Engineering

     Piping study often referred as half science & half art’. Art part includes visualization and creativity, while Science part includes following certain established norms. And both these parts involve lot of dedication, risk taking ability and discipline. The Piping industry is expected to experience considerable change and varying growth rates in the present economy.

  Scope for Piping Engineering

·          Chemical Process Industry
·          Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry
·          Pharmaceutical Industry
·          Power Plant
·          Long Distance LNG/LPG/CNG Piping System
·          Irrigation Project
·          Project & Construction Companies

  Importance of Piping Engineer

   A Piping Engineer plays an important role from "Concept to Commissioning" in all sectors of process and related industries. With increasing emphasis on transportation of petroleum products, natural gas, corrosive & hazardous chemicals through undergoing and long distance pipelines, the requirement of skill Piping Engineering is increasing day by day.

  Global Challenges for Piping Engineer

·          Corrosion Prevention
·          Pipeline Maintenance
·          Leak detection for long distance pipelines
·          Pipe Coating
·         Concrete Coating
·          Blending
·          Welding
·          Deep Water Services
·          Pipeline Cleaning & Operating Efficiency

  Pre requisite skills for Piping Engineer

·          Comprise design
·          Manufacturing
·          Project planning
·          Pipeline integrity
·          Corrosion control system
·          Metallurgical consulting
·          Facility audits
·          Automation & control units
·         Security of long distance & Under Ground Pipeline of Petrochemical Products

 Opportunities in Piping Engineering

·          Consulting Engineers
·          Refineries
·          EPC Organization
·          Chemical Process Companies
·          Modelling Firms
·          Inspection & Third Party Reviews
·          Cross Country Contractors
·          Packaging Contractor
·          Maintenance Crew

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