Friday, 10 July 2015

What does a Piping Engineering Lead need to know?
To fulfill all the aspects of this functional definition and depending on the Company (where employed) the PEL will be functionally responsible and will be involved in all of the following activities:
·         Participate as a part of the proposal team in pre-bid meetings with the Client and proposal development
·         Defining the physical scope of the Piping effort for the project
·         Defining the Piping execution method and the required Piping deliverable
·         Preparing a labor hour estimate for the Piping effort
·         Preparing a material cost estimate for all Piping items
·         Preparing a detailed Piping discipline work execution schedule that is coordinated and compatible with the other engineering disciplines
·         Proper planning of all aspects of Piping activities
·         Proper organization of (electronic and hard copy) data files or data needs
·         Proper resource (people) requisitioning and utilization
·         Prompt recognition and notification of all scope changes or trends that may cause a cost impact to the project
·         Proper awareness of labor budget expenditure, production, and productivity
·         Prompt and accurate status reporting
·         Timely and proper project completion and close-out



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