Sunday, 31 May 2015

Piping Design as a career in Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing sector of any country plays a major role in its economic growth. Though the economic rise in Indian growth is majorly because of the IT sector but still manufacturing has a huge contribution towards this development.
India has emerged as one of the world’s top ten countries in industrial production as per UNIDO’s new report. Seeing this growth many outside companies are collaborating with SME’s in India. Design outsourcing contracts are sweeping into numerous industries. U.S. producers of everything from machine tools and farm equipment to heavy-duty power generators are rushing work to India as well. 
With these types of opportunities coming to India, the segment which is getting a heavy boost is the design and engineering segment. With the advancement of the technology, piping design is one of the fields which are getting a lot of attention. People aspiring for a challenging and interesting career with a potential to growth are opting for this career. It requires out of box thinking and a lot of logical aptitude. Due to increase in job opportunities job seekers are welcoming people with these traits.
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Friday, 29 May 2015

Career as a Piping Engineer

Piping generally refers to Piping Engineering. It is an application of ,Mechanical and Chemical engineeringprinciples, which deals with Design, Analysis, Testing,  Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Piping System. Industrially, all piping activities are executed with the compliance and guidelines of International and Industrial Codes and Standards as well as the laws and regulations of respective local authority. Piping engineering course is one-of-a-kind. This course is organized to increase the level of expertise in piping design and to improve the competitiveness in the global markets. This course offers various piping system designs, development skills and knowledge of current trends of plant layout. The students are given case studies to develop their professional approach.

The Basic Eligibility Criteria to pursue Piping Engineering is:
1.The candidate should own a Bachelors degree in Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Civil engineering or Diploma
2. Interest to go in the design field.
The person who embarks on a career as a piping engineer must acquire education, experience or relevant training as either a civil, chemical, structural or mechanical engineer. The interested individuals in this profession must feature a great deal of strength since the job will often require him or her to stand for long hours at a time. He or she may be called upon to lift and position very weighty materials when installing pipes. He should have an excellent leadership quality to deal well with his workers and to work in co-ordination with the planners. The person needs to have excellent communication skills and also needs to have good management skills.

In Piping Engineering, the main task is to bear the responsibility of various technical and non-technical aspects of piping. A piping Engineer manages with everything right from installation of the piping. Piping technology has expanded rapidly, with increasing use,. There is an acute raise in demand for good piping engineers. The piping engineer not only operates with the installation of the piping but also is responsible to take care of its repair and maintenance. The piping engineer is responsible for ensuring the safety at the work sight. He must make sure that all safety measures and procedures are being followed and no workers or other is hurt or disturbed during the work. The person must guarantee a good efficiency of the system installed. He should make sure that the piping system is working properly without any errors.

The major scope and Expertise in Piping Engineering are:
  •  Piping Materials
  •  Piping Maintenance
  •  Piping Design and Analysis
  •  Piping Inspection and Testing
  •  Piping Construction
  •  Piping Commissioning
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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Get trained for Piping Engineering in Nagpur and Placement Assistance

Excellent Career opportunities in Piping Engineering. Get Chance to work in Oil and Gas Sector, refineries, Chemical Industries, Dairy and Allied Industries, Water management Etc.
Edureach has brought these job oriented and skill Oriented courses at Nagpur in Association with Petrocon Institute for Piping Engineering.
The following courses are being offered
1. Process Piping ENgineering
2. Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
3.Piping Software
4.Pipe Stress Analysis.

Diploma -  Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering.
BE / B. Tech - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering completed.

Students who have appeared for final exam in 2015 are also eligible.

Course Duration:
Two Months Training followed 15 days Live Project.

Expected Salary likely to be offered  30-35 k pm for BE / B.Tech, 20-25 k pm for Diploma

100% job assistance shall be offered on satisfactory completion of the training.
We are a team of Efficient, qualified and hardcore professionals with broad spectrum of consultancy and industrial background. Our industrial training programmers are based on sound engineering principles & methodology, applicable code requirements and Best industrial practices. Engineering solutions is our core competence, focused to assist our clients to get quality engineering design solutions within stipulated time frame. Hence, increasing operational efficiency, manage energy, price risk, reliability and potentially create valuable market for tradable credits.
Since a Decade our institute has delivered Professional Development courses and Programs for the Engineering Professionals and in the last nine years alone has delivered exclusive education and training to 5,000 Engineers in Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Keeping global competition in mind, institute has designed professional Courses which are a combination of theory, latest industrial practices and practical sessions. Our institute offers numbers of Courses to cover wide spectrum of industrial aspects, which are recognized by industries. Syllabus covered in these Courses is exactly as per the global standards as well as latest working requirements of various engineering companies. To develop proficient thinking skills in our participants we have adopted case study approach. Petrocon is one of the leading premium training provider in India & Middle East. Petrocon provides wide range of standard and custom made trainings to Hydrocarbon,Power, Pharma, Paper, Mining & all Process Engineering Design & construction sectors.

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