Saturday, 17 October 2015

Considerations for the Piping Designer

Considerations for the piping designer before starting your piping design on a Column.
 From the basic layout and engineering specifications:
·         Minimum access, platform width, walkways and headroom requirements.
·         Handling Facilities for the column internals, line blinds, relief valves, manhole covers.
·         Max. rise of ladders.
·         Requirements of piping systems.
·         Min. line size and number and location of hose stations.
·         Access requirements for valves and instruments.
From Design Standards:
·         Details of ladder dimensions
·         Ladder and platform position - step through or side step landings.
·         Toe plate, hand rail and safety gate details.
From P&ID and Tower Technical Specification:
·         Process data showing interconnected equipment and piping
·         Pipe sizes, specs and components
·         Steam tracing and insulation thickness
·         Tower elevations and differences in related equipment levels.
From the Plot Plan:
·         The physical location of a column and it relationship to other equipment.
·         Main access
·         Main pipe rack or pipe run
·         Pump locations.
From the Instrument Standards:
·         The location of instrument connections on the column for gauges, level controllers and level alarms
·         Location of pressure and temperature connections.
From the column fabrication drawings:
·         Diameter and height of the column.
·         Dimensions and details of column internals.
·         Manholes
·         Process Piping Connections
·         Pump, exchanger, drum drawings showing details of of process equipment adjacent to, or supported on the column itself.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

MBA Human Resource Management (HR)

This is a specialized management program with a clear cut focus on the Human Resource Management as one of the most important functions in an organization. Human resource management is a process of bringing people together so that the goals of the organization can be achieved. This program helps the candidate to understand the role of the HR Manager in this ever growing competitive industry. It is a program which should be done by candidate who wants to pursue their career in Recruitment, Training and Development and Organization Design management. The course is designed with intent to provide students with a comprehensive Understanding of Human Resource management & prepare them for HR Leadership roles in global environment. It will focus on the knowledge, Skills and Competencies needed by HR professionals to excel in their jobs & evolve into global business leaders.

Skills needed by an HR professional

·         Ability to understand human relations
·         Leadership skills
·         Negotiation skills
·         Ability to mould your style of operation as per staff needs
·         Strategic planning through people development
·         Understanding of different cultures
·         Excellent communication skills
·         Ability to take a hard call, to create a win-win situation for the organisation and staff

Course Duration: 2 years
Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized university

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Careers of Piping Engineering

Few of the Careers of Piping Engineering are given below:
·        Power Plants
·        Petrochemical Complex
·        Oil & Gas
·        Off Shore Industry
·        Refinery
·        Industrial Plants
·        Energy Sector
·        Chemical Process
·        EPC Industry
·        Consulting Engineers
·        Pharmaceutical Industry
·        Project & Construction
·        Cement & Fertilizer.