Saturday, 17 October 2015

Considerations for the Piping Designer

Considerations for the piping designer before starting your piping design on a Column.
 From the basic layout and engineering specifications:
·         Minimum access, platform width, walkways and headroom requirements.
·         Handling Facilities for the column internals, line blinds, relief valves, manhole covers.
·         Max. rise of ladders.
·         Requirements of piping systems.
·         Min. line size and number and location of hose stations.
·         Access requirements for valves and instruments.
From Design Standards:
·         Details of ladder dimensions
·         Ladder and platform position - step through or side step landings.
·         Toe plate, hand rail and safety gate details.
From P&ID and Tower Technical Specification:
·         Process data showing interconnected equipment and piping
·         Pipe sizes, specs and components
·         Steam tracing and insulation thickness
·         Tower elevations and differences in related equipment levels.
From the Plot Plan:
·         The physical location of a column and it relationship to other equipment.
·         Main access
·         Main pipe rack or pipe run
·         Pump locations.
From the Instrument Standards:
·         The location of instrument connections on the column for gauges, level controllers and level alarms
·         Location of pressure and temperature connections.
From the column fabrication drawings:
·         Diameter and height of the column.
·         Dimensions and details of column internals.
·         Manholes
·         Process Piping Connections
·         Pump, exchanger, drum drawings showing details of of process equipment adjacent to, or supported on the column itself.

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