Friday, 1 August 2014

Alarming Bell for Engineering Colleges.........Have a nice reading

About 50% seats to remain vacant in Nagpur and Gondwana University Engineering Colleges.

Large Scale disenchantment of students and parents from pursuing engineering degree has resulted in almost 50% of the seats to remain vacant at Nagpur and Gondwana University colleges.The more disturbing fact is that the vacancies are not across the board since leading and relatively better colleges have managed to almost fill up all the seats leaving the others to as high as 90% vacancies.
The situation is very alarming as these colleges which took the situation for granted and assumed that they would anyways get the admissions since the number of eligible students is greater then the number of seats offered , but this time the students have turned their back to undeveloped or inferior colleges and opted for streams other than engineering.
The under developed or ill managed colleges face the threat of closure if the trend continues and the managements of these colleges do not wake up to develop the colleges in terms of faculties, labs, workshops , industry interaction and placements opportunities.
The situation can be still salvaged if the managements realise the importance of spending some money rather than pocketing the whole revenue. 

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