Friday, 22 August 2014

B.B.A Finance and Accounting

A course of study that culminates during a exceedingly in a very Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance will give future financiers with an in-depth understanding of the numerous ways in which during which monetary professionals handle stocks and bonds, domestic problems, international finance problems and currency risk. inside the program, students are instructed to form account predictions and forecasts concerning insurance and investments. They conjointly gain sensible and theoretical data of assorted monetary elements, like investments, monetary engineering, portfolio management, finance and international finance.

Students listed are exposed to the foremost recent field technologies, which may augment their ability to collect and assess info. Some curricula embody AN position element and most have a business administration core. In general, a student seeking admission into this course of study has to have attained a high school credentials or a GED.

Course Topics

General education necessities should be met additionally to the finance major courses. Common courses within the major will cowl topics such as:

Financial statement analysis
International finance and trade summary
Commercial bank management
Real estate investment
Risk management

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