Monday, 18 August 2014

B.A. English course

Today's course balances a powerful grounding within the core of English literature with the prospect to explore or specialize in literature from round the world, different art forms, English language and connected intellectual traditions.

Teaching and resources

You're instructed by a number of the foremost eminent writers, academics, between them, teach and analysis nearly each facet of literature. we've no set approach on the far side ingraining the precious skills of important thinking, critical rigor and sensible writing.

You have access to the University Library and therefore the school library, that  provides laptop facilities, courses and hospitable options like 'tea at three'. Our trendy school building additionally includes a drama studio and garden.

Socially, several English students pursue interests in artistic writing, journalism and therefore the humanities.
What we're searching for

English students wants an intellectual curiosity that drives them to do new things and to question exhaustive. we glance for freelance reading on the far side the program, and for freelance, intelligent important thinking.
After English

Our students develop the talents of important thinking, shut reading and effective communication. several draw directly on their subject and pursue careers in arts management or info management, or get into world or teaching.

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