Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Piping Supports:
Requirements of piping supports in piping system are:
·         To carry the weight of the pipe, fittings, valves with/without insulation, with operating/test fluid.
·         To provide adequate stiffness to the piping against external loads such as wind load, ice, snow, seismic load etc.
·         To avoid overstressing of the piping material.
·         To avoid of sagging of pipe which creates draining problem.
·         To control the thermal expansion/contraction in desired manner.
·         To withstand & dampen vibration produced by connected equipment such as pump, compressor etc..


1. Hanger/Support: To sustain the dead weight of the piping system.

Types are:
·         1.Rigid Hanger
·         2.Spring Hanger : a. Variable B. Constant
·         3.Shoes
·         4.Trunnions

2. Restraint: To restrict the movement due to thermal/dynamic loading.
·         Types:
·         Anchor
·         Guide
·         Directional Anchor
·         U Clamps
·         Struts

     3. Vibration Absorbers: To restrict the movement due to vibration caused  by          wind,earthquake,fluid flow.
  •        Snubber                        
  •        Sway Bruce                      
  •                Hold down


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