Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Career in Non Destructive Testing (NDT)



  • The field is growing rapidly with the Industrial growth & Quality Consciousness.
  • It is a hitech field driven by computer technology
  • The demand for Qualified Technicians is high
  • The payment is good
  • A variet of jobs are available in various industries all over the World
 Non - destructive testing (NDT) plays a very significant role in the preventive protection of our environment. The importance of NDT methods is reflected in preventing major catatrophs and damages by early identification and detection of critical failures in production, during service and in construction. In this way NDT joins the activities of the "greens" providing efficient protection of human lives and the environment.
In recent years industries have recognized the importance of NDT to their own product and quality. Critical damages are placed on NDT inspectors and the techniques on which they rely on for which Training and Hands on experience in NDT has gained importance

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